What am I doing NOW?

It currently exists in the sometimes hot, more often frigid, northern country of Canada.

Information Technology, at a tier 2 slash intermediate level. No specific skills, just generally knowledged across a number of subjects

Hobby: Websites
I have a few different sites I'm in the process of updating: this site and a game dev site. I want to get a new design up for Techramancer Katt as well but I haven't prioritised it.

Hobby: Game Design
I have one active personal project, one on-hold personal project, and one on-hold project with my friend, alias SkogKatt.

Hobby: Dragon Qlock
Currently on-hold, Dragon Qlock is a Dragon Quest inspired clock, timer, and reminder application, built to look like the in-game battle scene. You can get a link to download it from the Projects page. While built in the game engine Godot, it is not a part of the aforementioned Game Design hobby section.

Reading (nf): Functional Training and Beyond
While not yet training in such a fashion, or training at all, I'm enjoying the reading in Adam Sinicki's books Superfunctional Training and Functional Training and Beyond. Adam is most well known as The Bioneer on Youtube, and makes a plethora of video about both normative and unique training methods. You can find out more about him at his website as well as his YouTube channel.

Reading (sf): Neuromancer
I've unfortunately taken a hiatus since starting this so I'll need to start over. I hadn't got far yet.

Reading (fa): Shroud of Eternity
This is the second book of four in the Sword of Truth spinoff series, Sister of Darkness: The Nicci Chronicles. It follows former Sister of the Light and Sister of the Dark Nicci, a powerful sorceress, travelling through the Old World with Wizard and former prophet Nathan Rahl and farmer-turned-swordsman Bannon as they both seek to bring other nations under the influence of Lord Rahl and the D'Haran Empire, as well as search for answers as to why their magic has mysteriously began to fizzle out.

Home Server
I'm currently in the process of setting up a little home server from an old HP ProDesk. I have to upgrade the RAM on it as it's only at 4 currently, and I'm still debating on how I'm going to set it up fully. It currently has an install of Windows 10 Home, but I may just end up putting Linux on it and running it as a VM box. Decisions, decisions.

KEY: (nf) Non-Fiction; (sf) Science Fiction; (fa) Fantasy/High Fantasy

Last updated: 2021-09-06
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