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2021-06-24: Dragon Qlock
Project time
So I've been playing around with Godot Engine and creating a clock, timer, and reminder application, rather than a game. Not sure why but it's had my full attention. Anyway, it's now available for download through my GitHub, and eventually I'll get the sourcecode up there too. If you want to download it, you can here:, or you can view the project page via the left-hand menu.
I hope you enjoy it, though it doesn't do much. Let me know via the contact page if you have any issues with it. Thanks!

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2021-06-23: Something something eleven?
Heya people! I'm down to 272 lbs, so that's a success! Just wanted to update on that, as well as say that I've updated the layout a bit. Same visual style but everything seems more solid from the backend. Also, possible Windows 11 announcement tomorrow? The "leak" looks pretty, so I'm intrigued. I'm also spying my eyes on getting a cheap refurbed machine to run a homeserver off of. I figured, since I'm not going to school for at least another year, I might as well try to better myself in IT. We'll see how far that goes. When I buy stuff for hobbies, they tend to lose my attention quickly, right, soldering gear?

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2021-06-16: Whale heck...
Could be worse, I guess.
This week sort of went off the rails. I wasn't really watching my diet at all, so I technically gained some weight. Luckily only .4 lbs, so in the grand scheme I'm still ahead of my goal for this point. That being said, I received some shitty news a couple days back. The school I was going to go to in the fall is cancelling the program for the year due to low attendance. So no career change for me. I've applied at the local polytech for a similar but more expansive course, but they're full up for the year already. Not sure how things are going to go now. Here's to hoping for a prosperous year of working, and hopefully getting into school for 2022/2023. Cheers, or something, idk.

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2021-06-09: YEW!
In the words of Scotty Wallace, YEEEEEEEEEEEW!!
Weighed in for the start of week 2 and I'm another 4.6 lbs down, bringing my total loss so far to 7.8 lbs. I'll admit, I didn't do any sort of exercise the past week, it was just straight calorie restriction. I'm sure that my loss numbers will taper back to a normal loss eventually, which I'd be honestly fine with as well. My goal has been two pounds a week, and I've smashed that for two weeks, currently sitting just shy of my week 4 goal.

I keep track of everything in a spreadsheet, including a fancy little graph that I always forget I have. Here's the current graph:

The blue "Goal" column is my goal weight for the week, and the orange "Weight" column is my actual weight. So, let's keep kicking cars of the weight train, hells yeah!

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2021-06-02: New weight who dis
Just a quick update, I'm down 3.2 lbs in my first week. While I don't expect the trend to stay that aggressive, it was nice to wake up and weigh into that as I was a tad anxious the last couple of days. Cheers to tortilla pizza and not ordering SkipTheDishes every day anymore.

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