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2021-09-24: I am the whale!
Gooooood fuckin' morning!
How's it going folks? This'll be short and sweet, just wanted to say that I'm finally losing, which means I'm winning, again. I weighed in this week at 253.8 lbs, which means only 3.8 lbs to my first goal of 250 lbs. I also am starting to cook a bit more for myself, having made a tonne of cabbage stew on Sunday for the week (though it'll probably last longer as I froze two quarts), and made a porkchop and spaghett on Monday for supper. I'm planning on making some turkey chili tonight, which should do me for the weekend, maybe til Monday. Depends on how much I eat per meal of it. I'm also trying to not let the snacks control me. I bought some cookies and chips (I know, I'm a monster) but so far I'm being a good boy about it and not going too crazy with it. I had a small bowl of the chips yesterday, and a couple cookies, totalling about 400 kcal, which still kept me under my maintenance approximation. For the curious, the chips are French Onion Sun Chips (the best flavour of them), and Cadbury Mini-egg Cookies. That's it for now, talk at y'all later! Thanks for reading :)

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2021-09-18: It's been a month
The ups and downs
While I have posted an update in the "news" section of this site, I haven't posted anything blogly. Life's pretty stale lately, just like my weight loss haha. But no, it's been okay, I guess. I'm currently partaking in a D&D campaign with my best friend DMing and my close friends all partying along with me. It happens on Friday so it's the closest I'll get to the good ol' days spending my Friday nights with my friends at Matty's (an arcade), and The Oasis (a teen hangout). I'm getting older, as you may or may not know. I turned 32 this year so it's been more or less 14 years since we all rocked out downtown the way we used to. I don't live in my hometown anymore so that's one of many reasons why.
Anyway, so as I noted, my weight loss has sort of went stale. After three weeks of staleness back at the end of July to mid August, I had started losing again for two weeks. However, the last three weigh ins have been slight gains: 256.6 on August 25th, 257.4 on September 8th, and 258 this past week on the 15th. I know there will be a pound or two gained from this current week, but I'm hoping to recalibrate my plans and continue on my journey on Wednesday the 22nd. I'll keep you apprised of my journey. Thanks for reading! :)

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